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I will go straigh to de point em.... I got a lot stuff for upload, mechs, characters, HOTD and shit but no time....

Sorry :(

someday beyond the sea I will upload some stuff
She needs HELP NOW. NOW!!!!!, and you can win a free draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well now I will start working in a Hardware store for win some cash and grow up and enter in the real world(it sucks).

It doesn't mean that I will quit drawing (First DEAD!!!!) so, new stuff is coming like a new painted HOTD Character, 100% Oringinal Characters, and a New Star Fox Mecha. So we keep in touch

SEE YA!!!!!!

Well, after fall into a depression state and almost do nothing for a month, I come back from the hell after beating some internal enemies. So now I will start upload stuff that I made like a week ago. Keep on eye in this little space on internet, Cool stuff will come.
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Finally in Chile I can watch this amazing series. I can't Wait I want more episodes :D
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En vacaciones en suecia. Tal vez me compre una 3DS o no se, pero lo que se es que la estoy pasando bien :D
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Well now tomorrow I travel to Sweden for one month, I will Update when I will have a chance or something.

Wish me luck and I will back "FRESH" with more ideas, more draws and more craziness in a can. WOOOOWWW!!!!!!!

I will upload my two last draws of the month, Check them PLEASE!!!!!! :D
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Right now I have something very important to say. I will partially absent in the month of July because I will travel to Europe for vacations(A real ones) and I will back in 2nd August with a lot of draws and new ideas :D

And now Robots specially "Real Robots".

What the hell its a "Real Robot"?

Its anime genre focused in war and a robot how is war machine especially a prototype or the first of his class and it can drastically change the way of the war or simply a mass produced machine used for everyone.

Who start all this genre?
Mobile Suit Gundam, The first Real Robot Series

And now Pictures of My favorite Robots

RX-78-2 Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam)…
VF-1 Valkyrie (Macross)…
MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)…
RX-78-5 Gundam Unit 5 "G05" (MS-V)…
YF-19 Eagle One (Macross Plus)…
RTX-010 Huckebein Mk II (Super Robot Wars)…
PTX-007-01 Gespenst Mk II (Super Robot Wars)…
PTX-012 Arblade (Super Robot Wars)…
PTX-006 Wildraubtier (Super Robot Wars)…
RX-78GP03S Gundam "Dendrobium Stamen"…
PTX-003C Alteisen…
RX-93 ν Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack)…
RX-93 V2 Hi-ν Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Beltorchika's Children)…
ARX-7 Arbalest (Full Metal Panic!)…
Aestivalis (Nadesico)…

If wanna choose one of all this awesomeness I will choose the:

Nu Gundam because... FIN FUNNNELS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you know where I get all the frikin ideas :D

Song used:…
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Well now I retake on my warthog schematics after the "BIG LAST COLLEGE EXAM" now I must wait the results to know if I pass and get my degree in "Multimedia Design" so now I can only wait :D

And now my impression of Halo 4.

When I hear about it around the end of 2011 I said "Fuck no!!!!", Now I think I change a little my position about the game. What I think now.

After Watching some viDoc from the development I can see a lot of effort in it, and a big jump in the visual aspect between Halo 3 and 4 (but to be honest I don't like the new Chief's Armor), the landscapes and architecture looks pretty good and its very obvious the big reference form Halo: Reach in the environment design focusing in that darkly atmosphere and the Forerunners structures looks extremely gorgeous.

Talking about mechanical I will  say it "I Don't Like the new HOG. I don't know why, but I don't Like it", about he guns they are redoing all human weapons in the series, the battle rifle is back in Halo Reach style, It doesn't look bad but I think it need more work specially the scope. The assault rifle design was right on the nail, the best at the time, and the other ones by now they need more work.

The Story well for now they have not revealed almost nothing about the history(and keep it in that way).

And about the music just like the visual aspect it's a big change. O'Donnell isn't in charge but I hear some samples and it sounds epic and with another atmosphere, more like... sacrifice feeling or a change feeling I don't know but it sounds great by now.

I hope they make a great game and they don't screw this up.
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Well since I start this project for School and for a lack of inspiration I didn't make a full version, but I know that some day will finish it

A prototype for a menu for A Highschool of the dead game menu.…

Highschool of the dead belongs to Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō
Songs Interpretaded by Maon Kurosaki
Interface Design by me :D
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Fast update of the thing that happen to me in this week (deep breathe)

My sister laptop died... well almost

I fix my desktop PC... YEAH!!!!

but i can had access to internet with my modem.... ._.

I call to the internet company for a change of modem.... YEAH... it will change it in 10 days maximum .... ok (that happened the last monday)

My sister took his laptop to technical service

With no internet I spend my days watching tv, drawing and playing video games, I beat Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2(4 bosses in on a stage, 4 more in the next one, and in the final stage a boss with more than 1.000.000 of HP. What a bastard!!!!!!!), and now Im beating Silent Hill 3 (one more card and I will open the frikin door of doom)

The laptop arrive... yeah, but it freeze when it's starting.... fuuuuUUUUUUU.... but a found a trick, I need to run it in safe mode, and restart and TAADAAA. IT WORKS... wooo!!! I have internet (Possible laptop problem: Windows- Solution: FORMAT LAPTOP)

AAAANDS that's all the crazy shit that happened to me in the last week

Thanks for read this stuff that obviously you has wasted your precious time that you could have used to find a cure for cancer

SEEE YAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 USB dead...
2 USB remain...
inevitable formatting.... countermeasures protocol: enabled
HDD backup: 70 percent...
Buy pc/2-USB adapter: INCOMPLETE

.....Let's do this...(YATTE YARUZE!!!!!!!!!!!)
Well I don't know why writing here, but the USB ports on my pc died (I have a USB keyboard) or something so I don't have access to my data so, no drawing software for a wihle.

Just in the moment when I discover MikuMikuDance for make stupid and senseless animations.

I can't upload videos to deviantART so I had to improvise.…

How the crazy stuff it's done :D

Time spent: 55 minutes

E.S. Posthumus - Unstoppable, Varuna From the album Makara

The only good use for Facebook ._.

Watch on HD.
A real funny song from the chilean group 20Cms :D
Chancho con Peluca (Pig with Wig)

Canto el gallo, alla en el campo
se prepararon para el manso asado
huasos culiaos, se levantaron
medio curaos y prendieron el fogon.

Iban a matar a un chancho (ooh no!)
el chancho mas regalon(no me maten por favor)
no queria morir tan joven sin tener chanchitos
y sin nunca usar pantalon

Nosotros tenemos el flow
Nosotros tenemos the real flow
Rigeo no tienes flow.

Y el chanchito, era amigo
de los perritos callejeros del lugar
y le dijeron ponte peluca
pa que los huasos no te vayan a matar!

Y corrio, chancho con peluca!
no volvi, chancho con peluca!
se estiro la cola, chancho con peluca!
se tiño café, chancho con peluca!

Se escapo a la ciudad, para formar un hogaar
nunca mas volvio y lejos del corral
pudo formar un hogar

Con la risa siempre optimista alcanzo la libertad!
Con la risa siempre optimista alcanzo la libertad!